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Membership Dues Declaration Letter


November 12, 2020

I, Richard Louis Brown, a United States Air Force Veteran along with currently being an Associate Governmental Program Analyst (AGPA) at the California Debt and Investment Advisory Commission (CDIAC), and as a Local 1000 voluntary dues-paying member do NOT want any of my dues collected by Local 1000 being used or spent directly or indirectly on ANY political activities by Local 1000. I am exercising my right of Freedom of Speech in regards to my money/dues being used for politics which cannot be violated due to my volunteer employment with the State of California. In addition to my right of Freedom of Speech, I am also exercising my right of Freedom of Religion that does not allow me to fund political activities. So I under a sound mind and body am clearly stating for the record that my dues can only be used directly for contract negotiations and job representation so my constitutional rights are not violated. The recent Janus decision handed down on June 27, 2018, stated nonmembers of a public sector union do not have to financial fund their union due to the fact is was a violation of their First Amendment rights. Supreme Court Judge Justice Alito stated in writing for the majority opinion said “the free speech rights of nonmembers by compelling them to subsidize private speech on matters of substantial public concern" was clearly wrong and unconstitutional for nonmembers to be forced to pay agency/fair share fees to public sector unions. Therefore as a voluntary dues-paying member my First Amendment rights also cannot also be violated!  


Therefore, I am asking to receive by June 1 of every year a detailed financial report for the prior year covering from January 1 to December 31 that states where my dues collected by Local 1000 were effectively and efficiently spent by Local 1000 that does not include directly or indirectly the funding of politics of any kind.

Please respond to this written request that was sent via the Local 1000 website “Contact us” link used at the top of this request on November 12, 2020 no later than December 12, 2020 that clearly states my dues will not be used directly or indirectly for any political purposes of any kind as of December 1, 2020. If I have not heard from Local 1000 by certified mail or email, I may take farther action to stop the use of my dues for political spending.      



Richard Louis Brown

3225 43rd Street

Sacramento, CA 95817


From: Membership <>
Sent: Friday, February 19, 2021 1:34 PM
Subject: Membership Status

Hello Richard.

Thank you for your inquiry regarding your membership status.

We are in receipt of your letter requesting that your dues are not used for the political action fund, and it has been processed accordingly.

SEIU Local 1000 - Membership

1808 14th Street, Sacramento, CA 95811

W: 866-471-7348


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