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Your feelings, ideas, and opinions are valuable to me. I faithfully and sincerely offer my “cookie” commitment:


Consistency of steadfast loyalty and dedication based on respect and trust through active communication.


Organizing our resources in the most efficient and  effective way to better serve you in contract negotiations and grie­vance hearings.


Outstanding leadership by listening to and appreciating our valued represented employees.


Keep our represented employees as the one and only  priority in my public life – a true partnership.


Integrity by answering only to Local 1000, with visible documented answers on Local 1000’s secured website to greatly improve the morale  and spirit within our Union.


Excellence in all I do in setting the standard  of professionalism as your leader by being accountable, by recognizing and learning from mistakes, by staying humble and positive, and  by not gossiping about others.

I, Richard Louis Brown, certify that this my official contract ratification ballot.

2017 Local 1000 Contract Ballot NO vote.
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